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Achive product market fit

One way to look at venture capital investment and the creation of valuable companies is to strive to build a stool with three legs: people, markets, and innovative products. Success requires all three legs, but different venture capitalists and entrepreneurs have different emphasis and weight on each of the three core elements at different times. Although Valentine believes yes, of course you need decent people, but “the market is first because you can’t change this, but you can change people” (According to Pitch Johnson, he is also a venture capital industry The pioneer time Valentin is developing his investment style). A well-known example of changing people is that the Cisco board of directors replaced the husband and wife team that founded the company at the time. In other cases, new team members are introduced to provide new skills rather than replace personnel; Eric Schmidt’s recruitment by Google is a well-known example of this approach.


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achive product market fit