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Are you craving for some Dutch candy? The Dutch Expat Shop!

If you live or work abroad and you really can’t live without Dutch sweets, then the Dutch Expat Shop is the solution. You can order all your favorite sweets online in their online supermarket. The range of Dutch sweets is very extensive and deep and they have more than 250 types of sweets. How about Jumbo wine gums, Verkade chocolate bars, Venco licorice and Katja apekoppen? All these Dutch sweets are hardly available in foreign supermarkets. So if you really can’t live without it, order your favorite Dutch candy and other typical Dutch products at the Dutch Expat Shop! In this blog we give you 2 reasons why you should order your Dutch candy at the Dutch Expat Shop!

  1. For the Dutch, the Belgian and everybody else!

The Dutch Expat Shop focuses mainly on Dutch people who live and work abroad. In the Netherlands, various products are for sale in supermarkets that are hardly or not available abroad. Like the Dutch candy, all known candy types are usually not available in foreign supermarkets. Order the Dutch sweets at the Dutch Expat Shop, especially for those who really can’t miss the Dutch delicacies. Whatever you order in our webshop, we will do the shopping for you, pack them for you and send them to your desired location.

  1. Do you live in Dubai? Singapore? Spain? No problem!

The Dutch Expat shop is one of the few parties that ships Dutch products worldwide. From Japan to Germany and from China to the United States, everywhere in the world you can easily get candy from the Netherlands. By the way, did you know that licorice is eaten most in the Netherlands and that even foreigners bring licorice from the Netherlands as a souvenir? It is therefore not surprising that the Dutch miss their favorite sweets abroad.

Want to order some Dutch candy yourself?

Dutch candies are a great way to surprise your friends, business relationships or colleagues. But getting these items can be a bit difficult if you’re not in the Netherlands or anywhere nearby. Lucky for you, you can easily order them online at Dutch Expat Shop. Do not wait any longer and take a quick look on their website!