Best NBA Live Mobile players between 80-85 OVR

Here are some of the best  NBA Live Mobile basketball players with an OVR between 80 and 85. Details about set, stats, position and lineup are given.

Dennis Schroder from the Rising Stars set is one of the best NBA Live Mobile with an OVR of 80. The set has four versions of this card. Each version has the same stats and position (point guard) but a different lineup use. The stats are 83 speed, 71 3 pointer, 59 defense, 82 dribbling, 64 shooting and 83 passing. The card can be used in a big man, small ball, two way and shooting lineup. There are more Schroder cards in NBA Live Mobile but with a different OVR. Another good 80 OVR card from the same set is Dragan Bender.

Derrick Favors, an 81 OVR card from the Base set, is a good choice for starting NBA Live Mobile players. This card’s position is center, it can be part of a small ball lineup and its stats are 62 speed, 30 3 pointer, 66 defense, 39 dribbling, 68 shooting and 47 passing.

Paul Millsap is a good card that is part of the Base set. The card’s OVR is 82 and its stats are 72 speed, 78 3 pointer, 65 defense, 47 dribbling, 76 shooting and 55 passing. Millsap’s position is power forward and it’s used in a big man lineup.

Nikola Jokic is one of the best NBA Live Mobile 83 OVR cards. He is acquired from the NBA Awards set, plays as a power forward and it fits in a two way lineup. These are the card’s stats 82 speed, 67 3 pointer, 85 defense, 75 dribbling, 75 shooting and 83 passing.

Richard Jefferson from the Big Moments set is a valuable 84 OVR card. His stats are 81 speed, 77 3 pointer, 79 defense, 67 dribbling, 84 shooting and 73 passing. The position of this card is small forward and it is used for a defensive lineup.

Nerlens Noel from the Deadline set is a good 85 OVR card. His stats are 82 speed, 56 3 pointer, 84 defense, 39 dribbling, 79 shooting and 57 passing. His position is power forward and he is used in a small ball lineup. DeMar DeRozan from the Spotlight set is a good 85 OVR shooting guard that is used in a defensive lineup.  Actually when you want to buy the better players, you need the enough nba live mobile coins, which are useful for your buying.