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Curious about attribution in Google Analytics?

Google has exceptional tracking software and Google Analytics (GA) is most definitely a free and excellent tool that’s made web analytics accessible to most anyone. Attribution, as mentioned earlier, is a method of assigning a portion of a conversion to a referring site or campaign source. Google Analytics has a great system of attribution, which measures the performance of a traffic source in GA. It is an excellent, free tool that gives web analytics to the masses. But is it the best approach to media attribution?


Google is a powerful asset to the store owner. We recommend using Google to collect your data, but it can’t be used to interpret it. In fact, there are two downsides to relying on Google for the interpretation of your data (i.e. for attribution purposes). Google gathers data too. But in order to use the data in the right way, you need to interpret it yourself. There is an important difference between collecting and interpreting data. Google has two downsides to relying on them for the interpretation of your data (i.e. for attribution purposes).

Google isn’t an independent player. It has its own products to push, which might make it less reliable for marketing attribution. Odyssey Attribution is an unbiased tool with no incentive to present data incorrectly. You’ll see the truth, with calculations based on 100% of the data available. Google Analytics is a powerful tool for marketers trying to find out what’s going on with their campaigns. It can’t connect with other data sources, though, which makes a complete understanding of how marketing dollars are being spent difficult. Odyssey imports cost data from many sources, giving users a complete overview of their current media spend vs. a suggested media spend. Google Analytics doesn’t give users the most crucial information: what costs are tied to their business. To really understand what is happening with their company, they need to tie in brands such as Facebook, Instagram, and Awin which provide valuable insights such as the differences between current and suggested budgets. With these platforms you can then get great insights into the performance of your channels, and the value platforms like Google Ads or Criteo offer.