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Order a durable dog collar set and other must-have dog accessoires, inspired by New York

Do you want to shop for durable and fashionable dog accessories, so you can walk your dog most sustainably and stylishly? Approved by Fritz is a webshop, based in the US, that offers a wide assortment of eco-friendly dog essentials, with design inspired by the urban sights and buzzing lifestyle that characterize New York City. The collection contains beautiful must-have items, such as a dog collar set – available in various color combinations – poop bag carriers, bandanas, upcycled toys, and separate leashes and collars. Every item is made with utmost care with the use of sustainable, high-quality materials and eco-friendly production methods.

Suitable for different types of wearing

The dog accessories are high-quality pet essentials that both your dog and the planet will love. A durable dog collar set is available in assorted designs that were inspired by the beautiful street colors seen in places such as Greenpoint, Williamsburg, the street murals in Brooklyn, and the metro train seats of New York City. The leash has multiple adjustment points and is therefore suitable for different types of wearing. And thanks to the stainless steel swivel hook, you can secure a safe connection for a most comfortable walk outside with your four-legged friend. What color would you like your dog collar set to be? Choose from beautiful color combinations, such as pink and yellow, red and pink, light green and dark green, yellow and orange, and lilac and grey.

Buy a matching dog leash and collar

Approved by Fritz is the webshop to visit, when you are looking to buy sustainable dog essentials, such as a dog collar set. Have you taken a good look at the collection and do you have questions about the items? Please get in touch with the company. They will be happy to help you and provide you with all the information needed.