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Pulmonologists: No more e-cigarettes in the Netherlands

Dutch pulmonologists want a total ban on e-cigarettes in the Netherlands. “We want no more e-cigarettes in the Netherlands. We will fly the flag with a total ban on electronic cigarettes.”

That is what Leon van den Toorn, chairman of the Association of Physicians for Pulmonary Diseases and Tuberculosis (NVALT) says to this site. It is the first time that the foreman of the pulmonologists has advocated such far-reaching measures. According to the pulmonologist, various ‘worrying developments’ contribute to the fact that he now wants to proceed with ‘a total ban on electronic cigarettes’.

Ban on e-cigarette after ‘coughing up a lot of blood and new lung abnormalities’

The number of Dutch people who came to the lung specialist with complaints after using the e-cigarette has risen from three to eight. E liquids brands of ecigmarketxl.comhas enough information. One patient was in such a serious condition that he recently ended up in intensive care. In addition, several Dutch people have now reported to the pulmonologists’ association because they developed complaints after vaping, as the use of the electronic cigarette is also called. They had not consulted a pulmonologist, but did so after a call.

State Secretary Paul Blokhuis of Public Health says that he is ‘very curious’ about ‘the latest medical insights from Leon van den Toorn and his colleagues’. He wants to “include their findings in the ongoing research into the health risks of e-cigarettes”. “I cannot just issue a total ban,” continues the ChristenUnie minister. “I also have to deal with European rules, for example. But I would like to commit myself to everything we can think of to further reduce smoking and e-smoking.”

Solid conclusions

At the European pulmonologist conference in Madrid last week, rock-solid conclusions were drawn about e-smoking. “There were two major discussions devoted to the e-cigarette, in which the burden of proof was clearly set out,” explains Van den Toorn. “It has turned out that we cannot recommend the e-cigarette under any circumstances. enough information. The often-heard comment that the e-cigarette is 95 percent less harmful is not based on any scientific evidence. It seems that only a few succeed in quitting smoking like this.” Worldwide, the number of patients who have complaints after vaping has skyrocketed. The US Health Service has confirmed 1080 lung injuries and 21 deaths related to e-cigarettes.