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What are the characteristics of a GAS biogas analyser?

A biogas analyser is used to analyse the various components in biogas. If your application requires it, it is even possible to redesign the biogas analyser so it has optional channels for the analysis of biogas such as sulphur, ammonia, terpenes and siloxanes. These analysers are available for Interscience uses in Energy, Refinery, Chemical and Environmental markets. The analysers are available in different configurations, so they meet your standards. From single valve instruments to multichannel analysers – everything is possible.

Does this analyser support the methods you need for your analyses?

GAS has made it their goal to design a biogas analyser that fits perfectly. The high-quality analysis equipment supports a multitude of methods such as GPA, ISO and ASTM so you can work in a controlled and safe environment. One of the main reasons biogas analysers from GAS are of high quality, is because they are a Preferred Solution Partner to Thermo Scientific. Thermo Scientific is a leading manufacturer in this field and thus shares its knowledge with these experts. This makes sure that you can also depend on GAS experts when you need information or knowledge sharing. Did you know that you can request services like technical training, application support and training courses? In this way, you learn from the experts themselves how to use the biogas analyser they developed! This guarantees a problem-free method and operation of your biogas analyser.

Schedule your appointment with an expert on biogas analysis

Would you like to receive more details on the possibilities of a turnkey biogas analyser? Make sure to contact the experts of GAS so they can help you with the development of your analysis equipment. If you have any questions on the products or provided services, do not wait any longer to schedule an appointment with a GAS expert on biogas analysers. You can find the contact information on their website.